About a designer

Professional clothes and accessories designer Irina Krylova graduated from the Kiev Institute of Art Modelling and Design named after Salvador Dali. In 2005 she creates her own brand “IRINA KRYLOVA”, in which the priority trend are women’s resort wear, party and evening dresses.
In 2006 Irina wins the IX International One-Dress Contest “Crystal Silhouette”, receiving the 1st place in category “Pret-a-porter de lux” for her model “Stranger”. Since 2005 Irina Krylova successfully cooperates with numerous multibrand boutiques in Kiev, works with clients individually and creates stage clothes for children’s musical contests and TV programs. In December 2009 took place a debut demonstration of designer’s collection for “IRINA KRYLOVA” in terms of the Trade Mark Defile (one of the Ukrainian Fashion Week projects). The collection was titled “Jackson amendment” and was dedicated to the King of pop-music Michael Jackson.
Creation of the next Irina’s collection “Hit the target” was inspired by the designer’s compatriot, Olga Kurilenko, who had a role of the agent 007’s partner in the latest of James Bond films. Image of the strong, brave and incredibly attractive Bond’s girl in the best possible way corresponded with the style of designer’s clothes for the bright women, who are sure of themselves.

“The world of music and cinema is inseparably connected to the world of fashion.” – sais Irina Krylova, for whom music and cinema were always the main sources of inspiration for her collections. Gorgeous cinema stars of the 50th, sensible sex symbols of the 90th, strong and brave super-heroines of 2000th – all of them this or that way had an impact on the images, created by the designer. And, of course, music. From half-forgotten rock-ballads to the most modern musical styles. “I like different types of music. With the same pleasure I can listen to classics, rock, metal, pop-music,” – admits Irina. – “The main thing – is that incredible energy, the drive, which you receive when you are listening to it. This makes you want to create something new, interesting, unordinary.”
Besides music and cinema Irina is also interested in photography and travelling. “I adore being in an unfamiliar place, strolling along streets, examining buildings, people, showcases. Every new country brings a lot of new impressions, bright emotions which transform after a time into the ideas for new images and collections. And I also love the sea. My astrological sign is Pisces, probably this is why I always have a longing to water. All day long I can admire azure and turquoise waves, swimming for hours, walking along the shores. And I am never bored with it.”
During one of the trips to the sea the designer gets the idea of creation of the second line, which was titled AERIN. This is reasonably priced but beautiful and original sports and resort wear which keeps all the best traditions and style of IRINA KRYLOVA trade mark, differing only in price policy. “I like to work with cruise collections,” – sais Irina. – “Because on vacation you can forget about all the limitations and dress-codes and put on the things which you not always can wear in the city with your daily timetable – miniskirts, shorts, translucent dresses, pareos. While creating resort wear designer can realize all their temerarious fantasies, so that their clients could feel themselves special and irresistible.”
Every time working with a new model, Irina Krylova has one and the same objective – it should by feminine, beautiful, sexual and trendy at the most. She never suggests to her clients the things which she doesn’t wand to put on herself: “Every woman, irrespectively to her age, wants to be attractive. That’s why I shall never suggest my clients clothes which make them funny and odd, disfigures their body. I don’t think that it is necessary to shock somebody or reinvent the wheel. Clothes which I create have no special meaning – they are just clothes which make woman beautiful and help to accentuate her individuality, as the best award for a designer is to see that their creations make someone better, more beautiful, and thus more happy.”